A Long Overdue Update – Status Update – 11/19/15

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Greeting to any followers I may still have and to all the bloggers in general who come across this.  It has been more than a month since my last post and I have some pretty cool things to share with you on the work front, school front, personal front, and bookish front – so let’s get started!


Things are finally starting to slow down at work again, i.e. everyone is back in the office.  I am back to focusing solely on transcription and other minor office tasks.  I have missed just being able to focus on my own job.  While I was able to handle acting as the office manager/receptionist while ours was on medical leave, I am not sure it is something I would want to do on an everyday basis.  There are just so many nuances involved in that job which I don’t possess because I don’t have the experience of having worked the job everyday.  It is possible that were I to act in that capacity on an everyday basis for a while I would pick it up and do fine, but right now I am still not entirely confident in my capacity to do the job.  Thankfully, I don’t think I need to worry about that.  Upon her return, our everyday office manager/receptionist said that while I made a couple of small mistakes, the majority of the work I did was fine and that she appreciated me covering her desk for her.

We have also hired another employee who is going to be working as a psychological assistant to the boss.  She is going to be handling some of the patient medical record review and some of the patient testing as well as training me in those tasks which I am pretty excited about.  Originally, I was going to be taking over as the psychological assistant and we were going to find a new transcriptionist, but she took a shot applying to us (though we weren’t advertising) and the boss hired her on the spot.  Honestly, this will probably be better in the long run for all of us because she will be able to train me in the position properly and our boss will be able to continue focusing on patients.  It is funny, for an office that only sees one patient per day normally, we are incredibly busy.  Right now, we are scheduling patients into late February or early March of next year.  Honestly, I really like my job.  Transcription may not seem like a desirable job, but I enjoy the work.  I like my co-workers.  I like the office environment.  I really feel like this is a place where I can grow professionally.  Like I said, transcription isn’t exactly elaborate but it is a position I can grow from and work to develop desirable professional skills which I will retain over the course of my professional lifetime.  I am honestly pretty happy with everything going on in my professional/work life right now.


I can’t really talk about my work and professional life without talking about school and education.  As many of you already know, I have an AA in Business Administration and am close to completing a BS in Business Administration with a concentration in Accounting, but due to issues with financial aid I had to stop attending school with a couple of classes to complete before graduating.  I took a year off from anything in order to deal with this disappointment, eventually I started to apply for jobs again and I wound up in my current job due to lucky circumstances.  Since I started working here, I decided that I would go back to school and work on a psychology degree of some sort since I am now working in the field and want to have some practical knowledge of the subject.  I only need five classes total to attain an AAT (Associate of Arts Transferable) in Psychology and I will be starting my first two classes on January 11th.  I will be taking my classes online through the local junior college, this is how I completed the majority of my general education requirements for my AA in Business Administration originally.  My first two classes are going to be Introduction to Psychology and Human Sexualities, intro is a prerequisite to all the other psych classes and Human Sexualities meets an elective requirement (I think?).   Honestly, the semester doesn’t sound like it will be too difficult which is always preferable for a first semester back to school.  There are a couple of classes that I will possibly have to travel to campus for, but I will deal with that when the time comes.  I really don’t want to have to take off time from work for classes and honestly I don’t think I will be able to afford to do so either.  I have about half a year between now and then to figure it out, need to focus on completing the first semester back before I start worrying about future classes!


On the personal side of life, things are going pretty well overall.  The boyfriend and I went on a week long vacation at the beginning of November for Blizzcon in Anaheim.  It was a great trip as we spent the majority of it with another couple we met through World of Warcraft, specifically they joined the guild we were in during the Cataclysm expansion while we were raiding Firelands.  While we haven’t raided together since towards the end of the Mists of Pandaria expansion, we have always remained friends and in contact with each other, so it was great to get to hangout again.  We also hung out with our off-tank during Mists of Pandaria and his brother.

We spent a good amount of our time at Blizzcon looking into the upcoming expansion for World of Warcraft.  The story for Legion is going to be incredibly interesting, in my opinion, because it is bringing back a lot of the themes and stories from The Burning Crusade (the expansion when I started playing).  There is a new hero class for the expansion being released called Demon Hunters.  If you are at all familiar with World of Warcraft, you will basically now be able to play a character modeled after Illidan Stormrage.  I had the opportunity to demo the intro quest line and zone for the Demon Hunter, my thoughts on it were sort of mixed.  I really liked the introductory quest line and zone, really liked some of the changes they are making to the questing system (which now includes more dialogue and immersion that doesn’t impede your questing), and found the Demon Hunters to be aesthetically pleasing due to the seeming amount of choices you can make regarding your character’s look.  All in all, I am going to be interested in seeing just how the Demon Hunter fits into not just the lore and storyline of the expansion, but how it will fair in high end raiding progression.  Honestly, I am interested to see how a lot of the announced changes will impact the classes and what Blizzard defines as “balance” in general.  They are further separating Holy and Disc priests (priest being my main/preferred class since Firelands/MoP) which is a good thing and much needed.  Holy isn’t going to be all that different overall, rather it is getting access to three new spells which had originally been restricted by the Chakra system.  Now, rather than having to utilize a Chakra and be locked into it Holy priests will be instead able to utilize a specific Chakra spell as necessary, though it has a one minute cooldown that is reduced by a certain amount every time a specific spell is utilized by the priest.  It will be an interesting system in healing and is largely being pulled over from Diablo 3.  Honestly, that was the theme for a lot of the World of Warcraft changes, let’s take some well liked features from our other games (such as Diablo 3) and implement them into WoW.  GENIUS!  I mean, it is going to potentially solve a lot of the problems/issues people have had with WoW, but I don’t think it is a perfect solution.  We will have to see how things play out when the game is released.

Other Blizzcon adventures included Hearthstone announcements and watching professional matches as well as Overwatch announcements and details.  I am working on getting back into Hearthstone, but am finding that it is somewhat difficult given how behind I am in collecting cards to build my deck with.  I have a basic Mage deck I have been working with and it has had some decent results, but in “Play” mode against other players with a lot more time devoted to the game and more cards, it is easily destroyed.  I may spend a little bit of money to purchase some of the previous solo adventures so I can get caught up, but we will see.  I haven’t been playing Diablo 3 or Heroes of the Storm as much as I was previously, and my WoW subscription is currently inactive since I haven’t been raiding or anything.  Diablo 3 has a new season starting which should be fun and I may look into playing it.  I played a Witch Doctor for season 4 and created a seasonal Demon Hunter as well.  My non-seasonal Demon Hunter is in need of some play time (she is also much better geared than my seasonal one as I have put the majority of my hours into her).  Overwatch stress test this week, we will see who gets invited to participate and whether or not we will actually get to play!  My issue with Overwatch though is that it is a first person shooter, typically not my type of game, but I will try it out before I completely write it off.

After the couple of days of Blizzcon we chilled out.  The boyfriend and I visited my sister and her boyfriend having dinner at a nice Vietnamese restaurant.  By the way, Vietnamese coffee is probably one of the most delicious coffees I have ever had in my life, it was just so good.  Then we did a day at Disneyland.  The whole park was done up for Christmas!  I mean, Disneyland is Disneyland and the crowds and misbehaving children can rub a person’s nerves raw, but overall it was a good time.  Vacation was a serious success.

In addition, the boyfriend and I have been looking into our options regarding moving back out on our own.  We are currently living with his family and while I appreciate them having us, I just miss having my own place.  I can’t really go into the details of the entire situation, but living there has me seriously frustrated and stressed out the majority of the time which just isn’t any way to live.  It is incredibly unhealthy on a emotional, mental, and even physical level.  We have found an apartment complex we are interested in.  It is located in the same city as my office and is closer to my daughter’s school.  Overall, I think it will be a good move for us but I just am not 100% confident in our ability to do it right now.  I’ve been researching, budgeting, and planning it out.  It is all I can do right now and that is the most frustrating part.  I want to be able to move by March, but I don’t know if we will be able to do so.  Hopefully we will, we will just have to see.


On the bookish front, I left off talking about how I had finally finished Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson’s epic fantasy saga, Wheel of Time.  I still need to write up a review for both Towers of Midnight and A Memory of Light as well as an overall review of the series as a whole.  The reviews are the somewhat easy part, but the overall series review will be a project that I likely won’t get around to until after Thanksgiving.  I am not going to give myself a deadline or anything, but I hope to have it out before the end of this year since 2015 was the year of my read through for this series and that just makes the most logical sense to me.

I made the decision that October was going to be my month for reading a few books by Stephen King, specifically ‘Salem’s Lot, The Shining, and Doctor Sleep.  As I keep mentioning, the increase in work related responsibilities had a huge impact on my reading but I was able to read and finish ‘Salem’s Lot.  I am still reading The Shining and still plan to read Doctor Sleep afterwards, it has just been going a lot slower than I originally had planned.  I wanted to read all three of them in October, but here we are more than halfway through November and I am still reading them, oops.  I just need to actually take the time to read when I am home after work, especially now that I am not taking work home with me.  I think part of my problem is that my reading nook has stuff piled up on it and reading on the bed just isn’t all that comfortable for me and I don’t really have anywhere else to sit and read.  Maybe I will work on cleaning off my reading nook so I can get back in the habit of using it after work for my reading pleasures.

I also finished reading Wonderland by Robert McKay, a space themed fairy tale retelling of Alice in Wonderland which I found myself enjoying.  I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review and promise that I will be working on and publishing my review as soon as possible.  Honestly, if you are interested in fairy tale retellings this book is a good pick up.  The story remains true to the themes and story of Alice in Wonderland while also bringing attention to some interesting issues of ethics, morals, and philosophy without shoving them down your throat as lessons.  They are brought up in such a way that the reader is left to think about them and form their own opinion, a quality which I greatly appreciated.  Anyways, look forward to my upcoming review!

I still have many other books listed on my Fall TBR List, but I don’t know how many I will actually get through before the first day of Winter on December 22nd.  I doubt I will finish and review all of them, but I am sure I can at least make a dent in that list!

As always, I hope that this post finds everyone well.  To all of you who are still sticking by and checking out my content, thank you.  I really appreciate your support and hope to be found deserving of it.  I promise that I will try to blog more often now that things are returning to normal at work.

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Status Update – 10/13/2015

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Hello there lovely folks and followers of mine alike.  I hope that this post reaches all of you and finds you truly well in all that you are doing!  A lot has been going on for me in my personal life which has had a huge impact on my blogging life.  I know I haven’t been posting nearly as often as before, but like I said it is because I have had so much going on.


I haven’t really talked a lot about my job (at least not that I can really remember) other than saying that I had started at the end of July and what my job entails.  Basically, I am working for a small neuropsychology practice as a transcriptionist.  My job is to transcribe (type up) all of the doctor’s dictated notes and reports.  When I was first hired on I was going to be paid hourly and work 8 hours per day, focusing specifically on transcription and occasionally helping our office manager/receptionist with other general office responsibilities.  A couple of weeks into August, my boss approached me about learning how to perform some of the neurocognitive testing and working directly with patients.  For this type of work I would be paid for it at a much higher hourly rate, but of course I would only be compensated for the time spent actually with the patient.  I accepted.  I continued my normal transcription duties during the month of August and didn’t really have much of an opportunity to work with patients as we were preparing the office for my boss’s vacation.  He took time off for the whole month of September and did a tour in Europe with his wife, very awesome sounding trip.  My boss awarded me with a raise to my normal hourly wage effective September 1st as I had been working hard, learning quickly, and would be taking on additional responsibilities for the next couple months.  During the first week of September, I was the only one in the office.  My boss was on his vacation and our office manager/receptionist took off the whole first week.  So I spent that week of September answering the phones and basically keeping the office running smoothly in addition to my normal transcription duties.  At this point, it wasn’t so difficult because I wasn’t expected to handle the grunt work of the position, rather, I was expected to take messages and answer questions regarding scheduling (if I felt I could).  I survived that week and was happy when our office manager/receptionist returned until she told me that she would be going on medical leave for four to six weeks effective the last week of September.  Since then, I have been performing her job (to the best of my ability) and working on my transcription duties between the office and at home.  I am trying to maintain a positive front and outlook about it, but I feel incredibly overwhelmed because there is just so much information surrounding her position that I don’t know.  There are so many forms, numbers, procedures, etc. which surround our office’s billing that I am scared to death of making a mistake and screwing us over.  I have reached the point where I can handle our legal cases easily, but workman’s compensation and at times even self-referrals are just so confusing.  The good news is, I am handling scheduling just fine as well as inquiries from the various doctors and lawyers we deal with.  For the most part, I am surviving but at times feel incredibly overwhelmed by my seeming lack of knowledge for all aspects of this position.  I am just going to continue doing the best I can at it and hopefully it will turn out well.

Looking forward, I have discussed with my boss the possibility of taking on some extra responsibilities starting in January involving reviewing medical records sent to our office.  My boss agreed to the idea and it seems like I will be moving from working as a transcriptionist to working more as his assistant.  Likely, once we reach January I will be working full-time on reviewing medical records and working directly with patients on the specific neurocognitive tests I have been trained to administer and score.  In other words, it looks like I will be receiving a promotion in January to this position!  I am honestly, pretty excited about this.  I never could have dreamed that I would go from not working for so long (though I was attending college), to having a full-time job which I feel pays me fairly for my work and provides me with great benefits as well.  I am honestly incredibly excited, so much so that I am looking at returning to school to acquire my degree in psychology.  I don’t yet know how far I want to go in school for psychology, but I do know that I at least want to get started, so I am going to be returning to the local junior college to get my AAT (a transferable Associate of Arts degree) in January as well.  Since I graduated from there with my AA in Business Administration I am not required to redo all of the “new student” requirements (i.e. orientations) and will be receiving my registration date later this week.  In addition, I went through the psychology AAT degree requirements and I am only required to take 4 classes in order to receive my degree!!  I am super excited and looking forward to the experience and opportunity.

Book Land

On the bookish side of life, as I said above I haven’t had nearly as much time to spend reading as I have in the past though I have been picking up some additional reading time while I am at the gym.  I got to the gym about two or three nights per week and while I am working out on the treadmill or exercise bike, I will usually read.  Here is a look at my current reading palette:

Wheel of Time Series by Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson

I have officially completed the series and I feel…satisfied with the ending.  It most definitely wasn’t a book series with a 100% happy ending, but the ending did the story justice.  It was an excellent series overall and I am glad to have read it.  I will likely be writing a combined review of Towers of Midnight and A Memory of Light (the last two books) since I read them one right after the other.  Likely, I will write up a review of the entire series in the future.


‘Salem’s Lot by Stephen King

As we have rolled into the supposedly cooler months of the year, it is time to get creepy and I am doing that with Stephen King’s ‘Salem’s Lot.  I have discussed it before, I am a huge fan of King’s Dark Tower Series as well as 11/22/63: A Novel, but haven’t read much of his other works.  I am going to be reading a total of three of his books this month.  Hopefully this will inspire me to read more of his books in the future.

Wonderland, Intergalactic Fairy Tales, Book 1 by Robert McKay

I was recently contacted by author Robert McKay regarding his book and was offered a free copy of it in exchange for an honest review to be posted later this month!  I am a huge fan of fairy tale retellings, so I am incredibly excited at the idea of a retelling of an iconic fairy tale such as Alice in Wonderland which occurs within the realm of outer space.  It just seems like an incredibly fun and interesting spin to the classic story.

The Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice

October being the month where we celebrate all things scary in the world, including vampires, I have been considering looking into re-reading Anne Rice’s The Vampire Chronicles.   Considering that she released a new book in the series last year and has stated that there is another book to be released, I would love to catch up and see what sort of trouble Lestat, the Brat Prince has gotten himself into this time.

Personal Life

To start off, I found out my father passed away last month on September 20th.  Admittedly my father and I weren’t all that close, in fact, my father and I had been basically estranged for going on two years.  It is incredibly obvious to those involved in my father’s life that I wasn’t a part of it though I don’t know how he explained it and I have never cared to.  I have spoken before of my experiences with abuse (physical, mental, emotional) and I eventually reached a point with him where enough was enough and I did what was right for me.  This isn’t to say that I hate my father, I don’t hate him and I never will, but I am not willing to so simply forgive or forget just over 25 years worth of hurt.  I know people will continue to question me, I know that there will be people who won’t believe me and see what my father wanted them to see.  Alternatively, my father knew of his health issues and had for a number of years but he refused to take care of himself and has now paid the ultimate price.  I can only hope that he found it worth it, be thankful that he is no longer suffering from the pains of his decisions, and hope that he is at peace.

On the brighter sides of personal life.  Annalyse received Student of the Month for the month of September, picture day was last week, and she just finished the last book in the Harry Potter Series and has started reading Artemis Fowl.  Pretty much, she is an amazing kid.

Boyfriend and I are preparing to make a trip to southern California for Blizzcon the first weekend in November.  I will be taking a total of five days off from work and we will be spending an entire week down there with two of our friends from the east coast.  We will be doing Blizzcon, Disneyland, and basically playing tourist.  I am super excited and will likely have a lot of pictures and stories to share!

In the mean time, I am just going to keep doing what I am doing and hopefully once things slow down at work I will be able to pick up a bit on my reading and blogging lifestyle.

As always, I send you my fondest well wishes and miss you all!

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Status Update – 7/25/2015

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As always, hello there lovely followers!  I hope that this post finds all of you well and enjoying your weekend, I also hope that it has been filled with a lot of time to read and relax.  I happened to have some pretty amazing news come up yesterday that I wanted to take the time and share with you:

My job search has officially come to a close, on Monday I will be starting my new job doing medical transcription and other office related duties for a small psychology practice!

This job sort of came upon me by happenstance, my daughter’s father originally held this position but now has the opportunity to move on in his professional career and start teaching this coming school year.  He spoke to his boss about me and the possibility of my taking over the position and I had an interview with him yesterday afternoon.  After our interview, he offered me the position and asked if I could start on Monday!  As an example of the small world we live in, the doctor is married to my high school computer teacher who apparently told him what a wonderful student I was – I believe it is through her endorsement as well as my daughter’s father’s that I was given the opportunity in the first place and I couldn’t be more appreciative.  My mind is just completely boggled right now, I never expected something like this to happen to me but I am extremely thankful that it did.  Just a few weeks ago while filling out a batch of applications for various job openings (openings that I ultimately never heard back from) I had a moment where I broke down and was crying and saying, “All I want for my birthday is a job.”  I admit that I am not a person of faith, I am not one to believe in the idea of miracles, but even I admit that this experience is quite synonymous to the definition of a miracle.  I am truly thankful for this chance!~

After this announcement, I imagine the next question which needs to be addressed is how will my new job impact my book blogging?  My initial hope is that there won’t be a large impact in my ability to book blog, but I do know that there will be some.  New job means I am not going to have as much time for reading as I currently do, which means that book reviews will likely be posted further apart.  This job requires me to work Monday through Friday from 8:30am to 5pm, so the majority of my daytime reading will now occur during my lunch breaks in addition to any evening and weekend reading I do.  I will still be participating in my current weekly memes, but the possibility of original content (i.e. My Thoughts Monday discussion posts) has become even more slim and I will likely be slower in responding to comments/tags.  Either way, I don’t plan on leaving the world of book blogging because I love this community and I love sharing my bookish thoughts with all of you!

To the bookish/book blog community, thank you to each and everyone of you for being wonderful and supportive to each other – you are good people.  A big thank you to Anjie@Love Thy Shelf for being an amazing and supportive friend when I needed someone.  I know I say it to you a lot, but I really appreciate your friendship =)

I am looking forward to celebrating this good news as well as my upcoming 29th birthday (which is on Tuesday the 28th) over the rest of this weekend, enjoy the rest of your weekend lovelies!

Until next time!~

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Status Update – 7/9/2015

Hello there my lovely followers, this post is to let all of you know what has been happening in my life recently and what some of my upcoming plans are going to be for the next couple of weeks.  It has been a while since I did a status update, but I honestly haven’t really had much of interest to share with all of you – life has been thankfully uneventful as of late.  Without further ado, let me get you guys up to date!

The Continuing and Ever Allusive Job Search

I still have yet to find permanent employment and it quite frankly, has been very depressing to deal with.  I have been putting in applications on a relatively consistent basis for various jobs that I am able to do, basically jobs that are office clerk or secretarial in nature, but because I don’t have some magical number of years of experience I tend to find myself looked over – rarely advancing towards the interview portion.  I feel like, if I could just make it to the interview portion then I could show just how capable I am of fulfilling the needs of an employer.  The job market is just not in favor of the applicant in this area, but I don’t really have the option of looking further out because of expenses to commute and were I to need to move for a job the possible custody issues that could arise would be frustrating to say the least.  Anyways, I put in an application for an accounting clerk position in one of the school districts and I am hoping that because of my education in accounting in addition to my general office experience that I can get the job.  Please please please send me as many good vibes as you can, I really really want this job.

Health Stuffs

I have some really awesome health related news, I have lost a total of 17 pounds since April!  The majority of it has been through watching calories and walking, sadly I had to stop my regular exercise routine after my mom’s Irish Setter helped me to hurt my ankle.  It means I have had to take it really easy because my ankle is still incredibly weak compared to how it was before which is so frustrating.  I want to get a membership at a gym because my walking has been incredibly sporadic due to the summer heat, seriously, I have experienced days where the temperature has been about 108 degrees Fahrenheit by noon.  The ability to exercise inside would be really nice.  Other than that, I have tried to spend a good amount of time in the pool and just swim laps but our pool is above ground and not really big enough to do meaningful laps.  The good news is that my Misfit Flash does work in the pool and I can track my swimming activity, so at least it is being tracked and applied towards my fitness goals.  I sadly don’t notice or see the results of the weight loss other than the fact that I have had to tighten my belt a notch in order for it to properly hold up my jeans.  Hopefully I can continue on this course and reach my goals for a healthier me.

Bookish Things

I have finally broken down and started to read The Throne of Glass Series by Sarah J. Maas, taking part in the #ReadThroneofGlass event on Twitter – which I talked about in my post on Monday.  In addition, I am looking to finish listening to Ernest Cline’s Ready Player One as narrated by Wil Wheaton this week and have the review written up for Thursday the 16th of July.  I will also likely finish up Knife of Dreams this week, but I am going to take a contemporary reading break between it and The Gathering Storm to read P.S. I Still Love You by Jenny Han.  My reason for this is that The Gathering Storm is the first book which has contribution from Brandon Sanderson following the death of Robert Jordan, so it makes for a logical break point in the series to read something a little different.  We will see just how much reading I actually get done this week/weekend because of the next thing I am going to tell you…

My Sister is Coming to Visit!

Yep yep yep, I am super excited because my younger sister is going to be visiting and staying with our mom and grandmother in Sac from the 9th to the 22nd of this month!  This means I am not going to necessarily be checking into my blog as often since we are going to attempt to spend family time together while she is here.  Me, my daughter, and my boyfriend are going to be up there this weekend for sure and will return home on Sunday night/Monday afternoon.  I am not yet sure of any additional visits we will make, but we at least have this one figured out.  The other exciting part of this visit to my mom and grandmother’s house is that my mom got a new Irish Setter puppy named Bobby(ie?) and this is going to be our first time meeting him and getting to play with him!  I am so excited!  I absolutely love puppies, they are always so cute and adorable and just so much fun!!!  I mean, I was lucky that I grew up with dogs and I always had a pet dog that I could call my own up until a few days before my 24th birthday when we had to put down my dog Angel after she broke a leg and we discovered that she had developed bone cancer.  It was one of the most heart wrenching decisions I ever had to make, but it was for the best in the end because it wouldn’t have been fair to let her suffer through the disease – she also had a good long life of 14 years, a strong life span of an English Setter and she was the longest living member of her litter.  Still makes me sad and wish I had a dog of my own again but it just isn’t in the cards right now sadly.

Anyways, please feel free to still send me comments or messages or whatever, but just please be patient with me if I am a little slow to return them between now and the 22nd – I will have both my phone and tablet with the WordPress app and will continue to check in, but it just might take me a little more time than usual!  If you want to follow my adventures, links to my Twitter and Instagram can be found in the side bar and are likely to be updated as I go!

That concludes my status update for now, I wish all of you well and hope all of you have a marvelous weekend!

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Question – Recommended Audio Books?

Hey there followers, I hope that this post finds you well entering into the midweek!  Recently, I have been looking into delving into the world of audio books and am curious what are some books with well done audio editions I should look into?  I am currently listening to Ready Player One by Ernest Cline and narrated by Wil Wheaton.  I have a pretty broad reading taste, but tend to read a lot of fantasy and young adult.  If anyone has suggestions, I would love to hear them!

Thanks in advance for the help!


I apologize that I am behind on my commitments – again.  I put more time into helping Annalyse prepare for her talent show yesterday morning than I originally thought was necessary, but it was well worth it.  Her jiu-jitsu/judo throw demonstration was a big hit and I am a super proud mom.  I am spending the rest of today celebrating mine and my boyfriend’s anniversary (OMG 5 years/half a decade) and preparing to head out for our weekend of dog show work and fun.  I will have everything posted by Tuesday at the absolute latest, I will even include video from my daughter’s demonstration because it was just so awesome (that could just be the proud mom side of me talking).

On the bookish side of things, I may currently have 3 books downloaded on my tablet for reading.  I will be looking to make some progress in Children of the Keeper by A. Roy King (the ARC I am currently reviewing and have 3 chapters left in), The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern as my reread break the reading funk book, and Fires of Heaven by Robert Jordan book 5 in the Wheel of Time Series.  I imagine that there will be some down time for reading while working hospitality and I will definitely have time during the car rides.  Yay reading!

As always, I wish all of you well and thank you for bearing with me in my crazy inconsistency!


Status Update – 4/30/2015 and Upcoming Stuffs

Hello again lovelies, it has been 2 weeks since my last post which in the blog-verse is a lot of time spent away which I do apologize for.  I have talked, at great length, about my depression and the difficulties that I have been going through because of it and at times it has made it difficult to be consistent in my hobbies and has placed me into a really bad reading funk that I am looking to break out of.  I don’t want to focus on the negatives, I want to talk about the good things – the positives in my life and I want to share in them with all of you.  So please, kick back relax and share in the happy things past and to come with me!

My Daughter Turned 8

I know I talked about this in my most recent post, but my daughter Annalyse turned 8 years old on April 14th and I seriously don’t know where the time has gone and how I wound up with an 8 year old.  I feel like it was just yesterday that I was taking her to her first day of school and all of that stuff.  Now she is in second grade, learning in both English and Spanish, and reads at the level of a 6th grader.  Just an all around amazing kid and I am lucky to call myself her mom.

The continuous job search

The last time I posted, I wrote about how I had applied for a Library/Media Clerk position in my daughter’s school district and that I was super excited about the position, well I sadly wasn’t chosen to move on from the 5-minute interview portion.  I then applied for a position working in the office at one of the high schools in the same district, but was immediately sent a letter informing me that while my application had been accepted I wouldn’t be moving on to the interview portion.  Just last week another Library/Media Clerk position opened up at another school site in the district and I have put in an application for it – I am hoping that since I am more familiar with the interview process that I will have a more favorable response than I did the first time should I be chosen to interview for this one.  The position is still in the application process, so I won’t know where I stand until next week.  We will see how it goes!  In addition to applying for this position, there is another position I am looking to apply to in another district working as a Data Entry Clerk in (I believe) their district office.  I need to have a certificated typing test completed, which I am going to be doing tomorrow, in order to apply – otherwise, the job looks like a really solid opportunity that I have relevant experience for with decent hours and a salary range I would be happy with.  I just want to work, I want a job and I am going to keep applying until I get one – the worst they can tell me is no thank you but that doesn’t mean I am willing to give up, it just means I try again until I succeed.  In the mean time, I am still working on HITs via Amazon MTURK and while the money isn’t anything significant it is nice to have the small extra bit of spending money in my pocket.


2015-04-30 18.19.00

In light of a lot of stuff going on, I have also been more health conscious of late and have been working out in addition to monitoring my caloric intake.  This is a graphic showing my calories burned since April 3rd according to the Fitbit application.  While I haven’t significantly changed my diet or become exclusionary, I monitor the amount of calories and ensure I don’t ingest too many.  My goal is to eat 400 calories less than I have burned for the day – so on a typical day of doing very little I burn around 2100 calories naturally and attempt to stick to eating around 1800.  Overall, I have done pretty well staying within that range and have done so for about 2 months now.

2015-04-30 18.19.11

  This graphic is from my Misfit app which strictly tracks how much activity/movement I do each day between walking, running, cycling, and swimming while also tracking my sleep.  I have mentioned it before that I like having an activity tracker because I feel it makes me more accountable to my exercise routines, but I am slightly disappointed in the approach of this application at this time because I am not able to gain points towards my daily goal for activities that aren’t strictly walking/running/cycling/swimming.  I have commented on the Android App page that I would like to see that implemented in a future update because a great deal of my physical activity is coming from these workouts and I want to feel accomplished by gaining points for doing them.  Otherwise, the application is amazing since the 2.0 update because of the aesthetic and functionality updates.  I received my Misfit Flash on April 12th and as you can see I have been using it pretty consistently since then.  Granted, I am usually not very close to hitting my goal of 1000 points per day due to what I mentioned above regarding the points system.  April 13th is when I started working out following Kayla Itsines’s Bikini Body Guide.  You can make fun of the name all you want, but the workouts are serious and you can feel them!  I’ll be completely honest with you, I don’t see any changes physically but I can feel the changes mentally.  I started off working out in a sort of defeatist frame of mind where I didn’t think I could do this, but having done it for a couple of weeks now I actually know that I can do this – it is all about frame of mind and being willing to work for it.  I am also realistic, I know that I am never again going to be as skinny as I was in high school or even my first couple years of college and in accepting that I am willing to be happier in my own skin.  I am not looking for some magic number, I am looking for a healthy weight where I can feel good about myself and the way I look – that is what is important for me is feeling good about myself in all facets.  There are so many facets which make up the human self and I want to feel positive about all of them – right now, I feel positive about a majority of them but there are some I don’t and through being willing to step up and make changes I am feeling a little bit better each day.  The sad part is, I tweaked my ankle the last time I visited my mother and I guess it was worse than I thought because working out on it has aggravated the injury to the point where it is sore a majority of the day.  I have been resting it since yesterday which means no working out or walks which has made me incredibly antsy because I miss that extra energy burn that comes from exercising.  I am hoping that it will be better next week and I can just start Pre-Training Week 3 over again.  I am also hoping it heals because I have a lot going on next week!


Yes, I actually have things going on in life and I am somewhat excited about all of them.  My daughter attends self-defense lessons every Monday afternoon/evening, but this week is super special because she is preparing a demonstration with her teacher to perform for her talent show on Wednesday morning at school.  She has had so much fun with her self-defense lessons and it is awesome that she is going to be able to show off some of her hard work.  Since November, she has been training in a mixture of judo and jujitsu with a long time friend of mine who has been studying martial arts since he was a kid and holds a black belt.  Overall, exciting stuff.  I also have an ARC Review that will be posted on Tuesday May 5th for Children of the Keeper by A. Roy King the second book in The Cursed Ground Series and the sequel to his The Child-Stealers which I reviewed previously.  So be on the look out for that!  In addition to this, my boyfriend and I will be celebrating our 5th anniversary together on the 7th – time just seriously flies and while relationships have their ups and downs we are happy together and that is what matters.  The two of us plan to spend our anniversary weekend helping my mom work hospitality for an English Setter specialty.  Sure, it isn’t an overly romantic way to celebrate an anniversary but we will make the best of it and have fun over the weekend.  I think once this long week is over, I will look at starting to get back into regularly blogging again by participating in the few weekly memes I was taking part in before.  I think I am ready to beat this reading funk and to attempt to become a functioning member of the book blog community again.  I am not going to make any absolute promises, but I am going to make a solid attempt to do so because I have missed reading and sharing in reading with all of you.  I am looking forward to everything that is to come, until next time my lovelies!~

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