Status Update – 10/13/2015

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Hello there lovely folks and followers of mine alike.  I hope that this post reaches all of you and finds you truly well in all that you are doing!  A lot has been going on for me in my personal life which has had a huge impact on my blogging life.  I know I haven’t been posting nearly as often as before, but like I said it is because I have had so much going on.


I haven’t really talked a lot about my job (at least not that I can really remember) other than saying that I had started at the end of July and what my job entails.  Basically, I am working for a small neuropsychology practice as a transcriptionist.  My job is to transcribe (type up) all of the doctor’s dictated notes and reports.  When I was first hired on I was going to be paid hourly and work 8 hours per day, focusing specifically on transcription and occasionally helping our office manager/receptionist with other general office responsibilities.  A couple of weeks into August, my boss approached me about learning how to perform some of the neurocognitive testing and working directly with patients.  For this type of work I would be paid for it at a much higher hourly rate, but of course I would only be compensated for the time spent actually with the patient.  I accepted.  I continued my normal transcription duties during the month of August and didn’t really have much of an opportunity to work with patients as we were preparing the office for my boss’s vacation.  He took time off for the whole month of September and did a tour in Europe with his wife, very awesome sounding trip.  My boss awarded me with a raise to my normal hourly wage effective September 1st as I had been working hard, learning quickly, and would be taking on additional responsibilities for the next couple months.  During the first week of September, I was the only one in the office.  My boss was on his vacation and our office manager/receptionist took off the whole first week.  So I spent that week of September answering the phones and basically keeping the office running smoothly in addition to my normal transcription duties.  At this point, it wasn’t so difficult because I wasn’t expected to handle the grunt work of the position, rather, I was expected to take messages and answer questions regarding scheduling (if I felt I could).  I survived that week and was happy when our office manager/receptionist returned until she told me that she would be going on medical leave for four to six weeks effective the last week of September.  Since then, I have been performing her job (to the best of my ability) and working on my transcription duties between the office and at home.  I am trying to maintain a positive front and outlook about it, but I feel incredibly overwhelmed because there is just so much information surrounding her position that I don’t know.  There are so many forms, numbers, procedures, etc. which surround our office’s billing that I am scared to death of making a mistake and screwing us over.  I have reached the point where I can handle our legal cases easily, but workman’s compensation and at times even self-referrals are just so confusing.  The good news is, I am handling scheduling just fine as well as inquiries from the various doctors and lawyers we deal with.  For the most part, I am surviving but at times feel incredibly overwhelmed by my seeming lack of knowledge for all aspects of this position.  I am just going to continue doing the best I can at it and hopefully it will turn out well.

Looking forward, I have discussed with my boss the possibility of taking on some extra responsibilities starting in January involving reviewing medical records sent to our office.  My boss agreed to the idea and it seems like I will be moving from working as a transcriptionist to working more as his assistant.  Likely, once we reach January I will be working full-time on reviewing medical records and working directly with patients on the specific neurocognitive tests I have been trained to administer and score.  In other words, it looks like I will be receiving a promotion in January to this position!  I am honestly, pretty excited about this.  I never could have dreamed that I would go from not working for so long (though I was attending college), to having a full-time job which I feel pays me fairly for my work and provides me with great benefits as well.  I am honestly incredibly excited, so much so that I am looking at returning to school to acquire my degree in psychology.  I don’t yet know how far I want to go in school for psychology, but I do know that I at least want to get started, so I am going to be returning to the local junior college to get my AAT (a transferable Associate of Arts degree) in January as well.  Since I graduated from there with my AA in Business Administration I am not required to redo all of the “new student” requirements (i.e. orientations) and will be receiving my registration date later this week.  In addition, I went through the psychology AAT degree requirements and I am only required to take 4 classes in order to receive my degree!!  I am super excited and looking forward to the experience and opportunity.

Book Land

On the bookish side of life, as I said above I haven’t had nearly as much time to spend reading as I have in the past though I have been picking up some additional reading time while I am at the gym.  I got to the gym about two or three nights per week and while I am working out on the treadmill or exercise bike, I will usually read.  Here is a look at my current reading palette:

Wheel of Time Series by Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson

I have officially completed the series and I feel…satisfied with the ending.  It most definitely wasn’t a book series with a 100% happy ending, but the ending did the story justice.  It was an excellent series overall and I am glad to have read it.  I will likely be writing a combined review of Towers of Midnight and A Memory of Light (the last two books) since I read them one right after the other.  Likely, I will write up a review of the entire series in the future.


‘Salem’s Lot by Stephen King

As we have rolled into the supposedly cooler months of the year, it is time to get creepy and I am doing that with Stephen King’s ‘Salem’s Lot.  I have discussed it before, I am a huge fan of King’s Dark Tower Series as well as 11/22/63: A Novel, but haven’t read much of his other works.  I am going to be reading a total of three of his books this month.  Hopefully this will inspire me to read more of his books in the future.

Wonderland, Intergalactic Fairy Tales, Book 1 by Robert McKay

I was recently contacted by author Robert McKay regarding his book and was offered a free copy of it in exchange for an honest review to be posted later this month!  I am a huge fan of fairy tale retellings, so I am incredibly excited at the idea of a retelling of an iconic fairy tale such as Alice in Wonderland which occurs within the realm of outer space.  It just seems like an incredibly fun and interesting spin to the classic story.

The Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice

October being the month where we celebrate all things scary in the world, including vampires, I have been considering looking into re-reading Anne Rice’s The Vampire Chronicles.   Considering that she released a new book in the series last year and has stated that there is another book to be released, I would love to catch up and see what sort of trouble Lestat, the Brat Prince has gotten himself into this time.

Personal Life

To start off, I found out my father passed away last month on September 20th.  Admittedly my father and I weren’t all that close, in fact, my father and I had been basically estranged for going on two years.  It is incredibly obvious to those involved in my father’s life that I wasn’t a part of it though I don’t know how he explained it and I have never cared to.  I have spoken before of my experiences with abuse (physical, mental, emotional) and I eventually reached a point with him where enough was enough and I did what was right for me.  This isn’t to say that I hate my father, I don’t hate him and I never will, but I am not willing to so simply forgive or forget just over 25 years worth of hurt.  I know people will continue to question me, I know that there will be people who won’t believe me and see what my father wanted them to see.  Alternatively, my father knew of his health issues and had for a number of years but he refused to take care of himself and has now paid the ultimate price.  I can only hope that he found it worth it, be thankful that he is no longer suffering from the pains of his decisions, and hope that he is at peace.

On the brighter sides of personal life.  Annalyse received Student of the Month for the month of September, picture day was last week, and she just finished the last book in the Harry Potter Series and has started reading Artemis Fowl.  Pretty much, she is an amazing kid.

Boyfriend and I are preparing to make a trip to southern California for Blizzcon the first weekend in November.  I will be taking a total of five days off from work and we will be spending an entire week down there with two of our friends from the east coast.  We will be doing Blizzcon, Disneyland, and basically playing tourist.  I am super excited and will likely have a lot of pictures and stories to share!

In the mean time, I am just going to keep doing what I am doing and hopefully once things slow down at work I will be able to pick up a bit on my reading and blogging lifestyle.

As always, I send you my fondest well wishes and miss you all!

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