Status Update – 7/25/2015

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As always, hello there lovely followers!  I hope that this post finds all of you well and enjoying your weekend, I also hope that it has been filled with a lot of time to read and relax.  I happened to have some pretty amazing news come up yesterday that I wanted to take the time and share with you:

My job search has officially come to a close, on Monday I will be starting my new job doing medical transcription and other office related duties for a small psychology practice!

This job sort of came upon me by happenstance, my daughter’s father originally held this position but now has the opportunity to move on in his professional career and start teaching this coming school year.  He spoke to his boss about me and the possibility of my taking over the position and I had an interview with him yesterday afternoon.  After our interview, he offered me the position and asked if I could start on Monday!  As an example of the small world we live in, the doctor is married to my high school computer teacher who apparently told him what a wonderful student I was – I believe it is through her endorsement as well as my daughter’s father’s that I was given the opportunity in the first place and I couldn’t be more appreciative.  My mind is just completely boggled right now, I never expected something like this to happen to me but I am extremely thankful that it did.  Just a few weeks ago while filling out a batch of applications for various job openings (openings that I ultimately never heard back from) I had a moment where I broke down and was crying and saying, “All I want for my birthday is a job.”  I admit that I am not a person of faith, I am not one to believe in the idea of miracles, but even I admit that this experience is quite synonymous to the definition of a miracle.  I am truly thankful for this chance!~

After this announcement, I imagine the next question which needs to be addressed is how will my new job impact my book blogging?  My initial hope is that there won’t be a large impact in my ability to book blog, but I do know that there will be some.  New job means I am not going to have as much time for reading as I currently do, which means that book reviews will likely be posted further apart.  This job requires me to work Monday through Friday from 8:30am to 5pm, so the majority of my daytime reading will now occur during my lunch breaks in addition to any evening and weekend reading I do.  I will still be participating in my current weekly memes, but the possibility of original content (i.e. My Thoughts Monday discussion posts) has become even more slim and I will likely be slower in responding to comments/tags.  Either way, I don’t plan on leaving the world of book blogging because I love this community and I love sharing my bookish thoughts with all of you!

To the bookish/book blog community, thank you to each and everyone of you for being wonderful and supportive to each other – you are good people.  A big thank you to Anjie@Love Thy Shelf for being an amazing and supportive friend when I needed someone.  I know I say it to you a lot, but I really appreciate your friendship =)

I am looking forward to celebrating this good news as well as my upcoming 29th birthday (which is on Tuesday the 28th) over the rest of this weekend, enjoy the rest of your weekend lovelies!

Until next time!~

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