Status Update – 5/7/2015

I apologize that I am behind on my commitments – again.  I put more time into helping Annalyse prepare for her talent show yesterday morning than I originally thought was necessary, but it was well worth it.  Her jiu-jitsu/judo throw demonstration was a big hit and I am a super proud mom.  I am spending the rest of today celebrating mine and my boyfriend’s anniversary (OMG 5 years/half a decade) and preparing to head out for our weekend of dog show work and fun.  I will have everything posted by Tuesday at the absolute latest, I will even include video from my daughter’s demonstration because it was just so awesome (that could just be the proud mom side of me talking).

On the bookish side of things, I may currently have 3 books downloaded on my tablet for reading.  I will be looking to make some progress in Children of the Keeper by A. Roy King (the ARC I am currently reviewing and have 3 chapters left in), The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern as my reread break the reading funk book, and Fires of Heaven by Robert Jordan book 5 in the Wheel of Time Series.  I imagine that there will be some down time for reading while working hospitality and I will definitely have time during the car rides.  Yay reading!

As always, I wish all of you well and thank you for bearing with me in my crazy inconsistency!



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