Status Update – 4/6/2015

I am going to apologize that this post is again more on the non-bookish side of things, but I really wanted to give you guys an update on how things are going especially since my last status update post was kind of a downer.  I am not 100% back to what I consider my balanced/normal self, I have days where I am but it tends to come and go just as easily.  I have accepted and known that this was a large part of dealing with depression, but I was on such a good run for such an extended period of time that when I crashed it was a huge shock to my system.  I am working towards getting back to that same place I was, sadly it has just been a struggle to do so and it is mentally exhausting.  That mental exhaustion is preventing me from fulfilling a lot of my more creative desires which include reading and writing, because I just don’t have the desire or discipline to focus.  However, I have some good news going on as well as some goals in place that I want to share with everyone as a sort of motivation for me to continue to work towards them.

Library Media Clerk Position

I mentioned in my post from March 23rd that I had applied for a position within my daughter’s school district (also a district I previously subbed in), specifically a position working as a Library Media Clerk.  I found out towards the end of last week that I have been selected to go through the pre-screening interview, basically a 5-minute first impressions based interview where I will meet the interview board and answer a few of their questions and the results of this interview will determine whether or not I will be selected to go on to the next stage.  Since I have applied for the position, they have stated there is a second opening at another school site so I am hoping that I may be able to express my interest to work at either site in my interview and maybe increase my chances a little bit.  Initial interview is on Monday, April 13th so please please please send me lots of good thoughts towards being granted this amazing opportunity!

Amazon Mechanical Turk

Since March 16th, I have been working from home for Amazon Mechanical Turk completing human intelligence tasks (HITs) which are valued at anywhere from 1-8 cents per with the possibility of bonuses depending on how many you complete.  This is definitely not work that you can expect to do and make a living wage off of, but it is sort of nice for me because I am using it as a way to garner extra spending cash since I already am able to cover my monthly bills.  Depending on the type of HIT I am working on will drastically determine how much time I spend working, but I normally will spend anywhere from 1-5 hours working.  Type also will have a huge impact on the amount of HITs I complete because certain types will ultimately take longer than others to complete.  I have been averaging about 100 HITs per day and will usually complete that in the previously mentioned time frame.  My total, as of right now, is 1087 complete with a 99% approval rating (though I currently have 105 pending).  So far, I have made a total of $30.43 – like I said, it is definitely not money that you can live on which is why I am going to be using it as additional spending money.  This brings me to discussion of the first goal I have set for myself.


I wrote before about my body issues, about how I want to lose some weight until I reach a point where I feel good about myself.  I am not exactly tying a number to that point, but I am tracking the numbers all the same just so I can monitor my progress.  I am down 5 pounds from my March starting weight, which is a good start, but I need to adjust my plan somewhat.  That 5 pounds, I honestly can’t see where I lost it, but it was from strictly just adjusting/watching my calorie intake without adding exercise to my routine.  I have a lot of issues with exercising, they seem petty and I often receive criticism for it – criticized by people who are supposed to be part of a support system, like I’ve previously said, I really don’t feel like I have much of one.  Anyways, I’ve touched on it before about how I was raised in an abusive environment and one of the consequences of that is I have since experienced constant problems with my back due to being thrown against a protrusion and my spine hitting it oddly in the small of my back as a child/early teen.  I am always experiencing pain from my back.  I have gone through physical therapy as well as seeing a chiropractor in order to attempt to alleviate it both before and after having my daughter, but to no avail.  I know that additional weight exacerbates it, but when you’re already in so much pain it is difficult to justify putting yourself through more.  My other issue is just not having someone to exercise/work out with – granted, I’d be highly embarrassed if I did because I am just so out of shape.  I know that one seems silly and isn’t really a necessity, but I just am in need of that camaraderie I guess or feeling like you’re both cheering for each other.  I am hoping to alleviate some of that by picking up a fitness tracker, specifically I am going to be putting my Amazon MTURK money towards a Misfit Flash.

Misfit Wearable's F00EZ Flash Fitness and Sleep Monitor (Fuchsia)

Most of the fitness trackers out there are priced at $99+, which is just a ridiculous price for someone like me who is basically going to be starting up a workout routine basically from scratch.  The price for this one is much more approachable at around $40 and it still comes with the same features and support from its Android/iOS application as the more expensive devices, which is where the real data comes from anyways.  I am thinking and hoping that having something like this will help to motivate me as well as give me a more accurate way of tracking my daily fitness activities.  My other idea is that if I do manage to attain the library media clerk position, my work day will only be from 8am til 1pm Monday through Friday giving me time to go to the gym in the afternoon after work and before my daughter would need to be picked up from school.  It is definitely going to depend on how much a gym membership would actually cost, but I think it could be a good investment in the long run – just all depends.  I am hoping to reach a “feel good point” by November because it is looking like I will be attending Blizzcon 2015 with my boyfriend and a couple of friends/former WoW guildmates!  We actually attended Blizzcon in 2013, the same group, and it was an amazing time so we are looking forward to doing it again.

So yay having goals:  Obtaining Library Media Clerk position, reaching a happy point with my body, and attending Blizzcon 2015 with friends!

I am happy, I am excited, I feel good having goals and I can only hope that I can achieve them and getting further back into the swing of things not only with my reading but with my blog as well.  It is a process, it will take work, but it will be worth it.

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  1. Hi Melanie! So glad to hear that you’re doing better than the last post. Baby steps. You’ll get back too 100% in no time!! It’s great to list your goals cause then you can go back to them and reread it. I feel like this keeps you accounted haha. I wish that I could work out with you! I’ve been looking to work out with someone as well. It’s always harder doing it by yourself. But I can cheer you on over the internet haha. I have a workout guide that I got from a professional fitness trainer (Kayla Itsines – you can google her and see testimonies if you want) that I would be willing to email you if you want. That’s great to hear about the Library Clerk position! Sending thoughts and prayers your way! I hope that you get that position or the other 😀

    • I agree with you 100%, listing goals really does make you more accountable to keeping them. That is part of the reason why I am looking into a fitness/activity tracker, I think it will make me even more accountable to an exercise regimen plus having a more accurate way of calculating calorie expenditures is appealing. I have been using the MyFitnessPal app/website to track my caloric intake and so far have had decent results, like I said I am down 5 pounds from what I started at in March and that is with just mainly monitoring my calories. It is definitely not the most effective way to lose weight on its own, but it is definitely a start to a healthier lifestyle. I don’t know what apps you use, if any, for your own health/fitness types of things but we could totally add each other to get some of that over internet e-cheerleading going on =P I have heard of Kayla Itsines before, but don’t really know much about her products – I’d definitely be willing to take a look at it and who knows, maybe it could go well and definitely doesn’t hurt to try because I live in California drought country and the summer is going to be hot >< meaning, swimming as much as possible will be a huge goal for anyone around here and I am not too proud to admit that I want to look and feel good while doing it =P

      Thanks for all the prayers, thoughts, and well wishes – like I said, I am doing my best to stay positive about everything including this job and hopefully I will have some good news to report back next week stating I've moved on to the next stage of interviews at the very least. Then again, it'd be even better if I could just say coming out of a pre-screening interview that I got the job – hehehe, a girl can dream!

  2. Monitoring what you eat plays a big part in weight loss so you’re on the right track 😀 I don’t use any apps cause my phone has an integrated health tracker — I think it’s called S Health (on samsung). But that’s cool! Does the one you use have that over the internet cheerleading? Sure! I have no problem sending it to you. I’ll just need an email to send it to. Haha I’m the same. Here in Miami, it’s almost always hot and it’s almost that beach time here and I don’t want to go unless I’m feeling fully confident to go out there haha.

    Yes! If only things like that happen! But I can’t wait to hear updates!

    • When I was looking at upgrading my phone at the beginning of the year the S Health on the Galaxy line was one of the features that really interested me. Sadly, there weren’t any good deals on it at the time so I got my LG G3 + G8.3 tablet combo as a free upgrade. Not going to complain over a deal like that! MyFitnessPal is somewhat like Facebook but tailored to health/fitness. You can post statuses, blog posts even, and it shares your goal progress. Friends can then like and comment on things you post, so it has that sense of cheerleading. I have been using it on and off for a couple years now, but my current streak is 47 days now I think. You can email it to me at =) Ooooooh, I may live in California but it would take a good couple hours to get to the beach from where I live, I envy you a little bit. But yes, confidence is just so important in pretty much everything we do so might as well increase our chances for success by gaining some =D

      • I was surprised by the deal, but it is likely because LG is releasing the G4 this year so they were looking to move product and create hype. Got to love business tactics, they can be incredibly fascinating. It really has become a part of my routine to actually record what I eat, which has been beneficial so far and I am sure it will continue to be one in the future. It is really easy to use too, so overall a good app. I got it and will look through it tonight, thank you again for sending it to me! Ooh lala, are you just not a beach fan?

      • Yes haha I love those tactics because I don’t always need the newest tech out there. So I’ll get the cheaper one and save some money! No problem. I hope that it helps 😀 I love the beach but I don’t know, I haven’t gone in a long time. I hate the sun sometimes, though and don’t get me started on sunburns haha.

      • There is also a lot of psychology behind business tactics and marketing, since I’ve taken the courses as part of my accounting degree I can recognize a lot of them for what they are which makes it even more fascinating. I am so with you on sunburns, I am part Hawaiian but I have gotten rather pale over the years and burn so easily ><

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