Status Update – 2/23/2015

I just wanted to post giving a small update because my posting is going to be a little off this weekend.  My boyfriend’s father was in the hospital from Friday night until just a few hours ago.  He had a bad case of the flu a few weeks ago which developed into pneumonia which led to an infection of some sort.  While all of this was being treated they discovered his heart beat was way faster than normal, so the doctors have given him some meds to hopefully help regulate it.  With all of that, we have been helping to take care of things around here in an attempt to reduce some of the stress that this brings.  I hope to return to some semblance of normal within the next few days to next week at the latest, it will just depend on how things transition with him back home.

I will be checking everyone’s posts out when things are under control. Best regards and love to all!




  1. Couldn’t find a contact link . . .

    I have a book tour scheduled for March 15-31, 2015 for my book, Countdown to Atlantis. The book was published through Kindle Worlds – Amazon’s licensed fanfiction division. The book is a “backstory” to A.G. Riddle’s The Atlantis Gene. I was wondering if you would host a day of the tour either with a review of the book, a guest post or interview?

    Thanks in advance,


    • I am sorry you were unable to find a contact link, that fault lies with me and I will work to remedy that for the future.

      I would definitely be interested in hosting a day for your book tour, preferably by posting a review of the novel itself. I absolutely loved Riddle’s trilogy, so the opportunity to learn more of the history via back story is incredibly interesting and exciting to me.

      Let me know what you need from me and we can go from there.

      Best regards,

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