Status Update – 1/16/2015

I am not going to be posting a Friday Reads post today.  I didn’t get in until late last night, or depending on how you look at it until early this morning, after a hangout with the boyfriend and our group of friends.  It was definitely a good time and as always I am looking forward to the next one!

My plan is to also start participating in some of the weekly memes I’ve seen floating around the book blog world, likely starting with “Top Ten Tuesdays.”  This means I’ll likely be cutting out “My Thoughts Monday” as a weekly feature and will do it more as a “Hey, I just wanted to rant about a subject and finally had the time or desire to write about it” type of deal.

With that, I am going to continue my note taking for next week’s ARC Review of A. Roy King’s The Child-Stealers which I will be posting on my blog Monday (my unexpected late night threw off my schedule a bit) and will continue reading Robert Jordan’s The Eye of the World.  I can’t wait til I can share my thoughts with you guys on these reads!

What are your plans for today?  What are your Friday reads?  Any other fun bookish memes?  Please send me suggestions!

Hope all of you had a great week and will have an even better weekend!



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