My Thoughts Monday – My Year in Books 2014


Melanie’s “My Thoughts Monday” #6

My Year in Books 2014

2014 Reading Challenge Result

Shown above are the graphics from my Goodreads page of my reading progress this year, a total of 23 books which is a little less than 2 books per month.  I honestly was hoping to read a lot more – I normally read more, but this year just wasn’t my year.  I ended up losing interest in books and reading, I fell into a funk and I just couldn’t get out of it…it was incredibly frustrating.  I am looking to go forward and continue reading as I have been, at my own pace and because I want to not because I feel pressured to do so.  I read some amazing books this year – books I’ve newly fallen in love with and books I’ve always loved, that is what I hope to continue to experience in the coming year.

Looking forward to 2015 and the books I will read!

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