Writing Update 12/16/2014

For the first time since I got incredibly sick in November, I am actually working on my book outside of my head.  I took a lot of time away from physically working on it because I just couldn’t muster the creative energy needed to write while I was sick, but today I spent some time outlining (technically, I still am) and it feels great.  I am currently working on some of the world building aspects, i.e. the history of the cities involved and how they got to where they are now.  I am feeling overly emotional about this and it is silly, but it feels like such a giant step just actually feeling the want to write again.  I mean, I have never considered myself to be a writer because writing was just something I did in my spare time for fun or for stress relief – it was never anything serious or a need in me, but I think I am beginning to understand what people mean when they say they need to write.  They need to write because they have a story to tell and maybe I have found mine.

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