Status Update – 11/17/2014

I’ve been feeling under the weather this past week; between dealing with the stomach flu and now the possibility that I am coming down with a cold…I am just not doing all that well.  All this sickness has done is drain me of any of my energy to do anything requiring real effort – basically, I’ve spent most of my time being sick either reading or video gaming which isn’t exactly terrible.


CURRENTLY READING:  The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown, book 3 in The Robert Langdon Series

CURRENTLY PLAYING:  World of Warcraft:  Warlords of Draenor

I have mentioned my video gaming addiction habit previously, but I have never really talked much about what I play.  I have been playing WoW since its second installment, The Burning Crusade, which was released in 2007.  I have taken some breaks during this time, but never for very long and I have always ended up coming back.  I took a break recently, I stopped playing the most recent WoW installment Mists of Pandaria in May and came back to it in October because my raid group/guild fell apart and people decided to move and raid with other groups.  This most recent installment, Warlords of Draenor, was given the midnight launch treatment on Thursday the 13th and it has been a pretty controversial launch.  Apparently Blizzard Entertainment was unable to adequately forecast the number of people who would be playing the game and their servers were unable to adequately handle the influx resulting in incredibly high and long queue times for some servers, including my main character’s server of US-PVP Bleeding Hollow.  I was determined to remain patient while they handled the issue and after a long time spent in queue, I was able to play the game and experience some of the new content which is my favorite part of an expansion.  Over the course of Friday and Saturday in the afternoon/early evening the queues were so large, roughly 6k people, that I decided I would rather just play a different character on a different server for a while then brave the queue when there was less people.  I wasn’t able to get on to the server until incredibly late either of those nights, then server maintenance or restarts happened around 3am and I would just end up offline and then have to brave the queue again.  Typically, I would just go to bed when that occurred.  Yesterday, I put myself in to queue around 1pm PDT with about 5k other people and determined to go about my day like I normally would and then play once I was online.  So I watched the football game with the boyfriend and his family and then we just hung out for a little while, finally around 5pm we were done hanging out so I went to check on my queue and I was still in it with about 2k people in front of me.  Apparently the server had experienced a hiccup while I was initially in queue which knocked a bunch of people off and then back on.  Needless to say, I didn’t get to actually play the game until around 7pm PDT, but once I got into game…I found myself having so much fun.  I am enjoying the content – the new zones, the questing, the instances, the Garrisons (a form of player housing), and everything else.  My boyfriend and I leveled from 92 to 95 last night, which I thought was pretty awesome – I would love to hit 100 before Thursday, just to be able to say we did it within a week of launch (though truthfully some people did it within just a day or two).  As a warning to any of you, beware the MMORPG bug – when it bites, it never lets go!

So this is how I’ve been spending my sicktime downtime.  What about you guys?  What did you do this weekend?  Anyone else a WoW player?

Hopefully I will get to feeling better in the next couple days and I can return to my regular blogging schedule.

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