#BookBlogWriMo – Day 5


 Welcome to day 5 of #BookBlogWriMo – a writing event focusing on what it means to be a book blog hosted by the lovely Book Bumblings.  You can click the picture above for more information and how to participate!

11/5 – Where You Blog – Bonus for a picture!

2014-11-03 14.20.012014-11-03 14.20.12

The above are pictures of my desk area where I fulfill all of my blogging and/or gaming needs.  The first one shows the entirety of my desk which houses my dual monitor set up, sound system, keyboard, mouse, etc. basically all of the things necessary for my computer gaming set up.  The second picture focuses more on the non-computer parts which are on my desk.  Currently living on my desk are various pieces of mail and receipts, my copy of the Azumanga Daioh manga, my Nintendo 3DS is in the pink bag on top of it, my San Francisco coffee mug which is currently filled with hot apple cider, a hot pink pair of handcuffs (non fuzzy), an English Setter pocket watch like object, various pens, my Pokemon X pin, my Bluetooth headset, 2 sets of chopsticks, my Kindle Fire, my stuffed fox Vixy (a 21st birthday present from my boyfriend), my pile of jewelry, and my cell phone which is next to my mouse.  I had actually just gotten started working on NaNoWriMo when I decided that I should take a picture of my setup before I forgot.  Yeah, I tend to keep a relatively messy desk I will be honest about that – I just am not a very organized person at all.

Other places where I blog can be basically anywhere as I do have the WordPress application on both my Samsung Galaxy S3 and my Kindle Fire, but I typically only use them to check notifications and/or approve comments and not so much for the actual writing.  That may change when I upgrade both of my devices this winter.  My cell phone contract will be up for renewal this December with a phone upgrade and I plan to upgrade to the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and am looking into getting the 8in Samsung Galaxy Tab 4.  I definitely think that both of those devices will increase my ability to blog on the go, which I think will be a lot of fun.  Anyways, technology rant over.

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