NaNoWriMo – Update 4; Day 3 Complete

Nov 3 WC 1h29m

While I had wanted to consistently meet the mark of at least 3 hours per day as my goal for NaNoWriMo, I have to admit that spending an hour and half per session has actually been a good time frame for me.  That doesn’t mean I am refusing to do multiple sessions per day, but I feel that the 1.5 hours is a good starting point because after that amount of time my mind starts to get fidgety and wander – I start looking for distraction, so I take a break and then determine whether or not I want to continue later.  I may be behind where I thought I would be by now overall, but I think that I will still be able to meet my 25k word count goal by the end of the month.  Honestly, if I could just have one entire day where it was just me and my Google Doc and Evernote notes, then I think I would get a lot more work done than I have currently been able to.

Slowly and surely I will continue to improve, that is what I keep telling myself – maybe it will eventually turn into truth.

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