Special – Currently Reading Spotlight featuring Stephanie Binding

What Melanie is Reading #1

Today’s post is a very special feature where I will be sharing with you the books I am currently reading this week and will be reviewing in the very near future.  This week I was contacted by the lovely Stephanie Binding, self published author of Autumn Recovery and Desolate, asking if I would be interested in providing a review of her novels.  I am even more keen on sharing these finds with you in order to continue to raise awareness of mental health issues for Mental Health Awareness Week/Month.  Both of Binding’s novels focus on different issues which can impact an individual’s mental health – the impact of loss, dealing with grief, and addiction.  Let’s not continue to allow these silent assailants to hide in the shadows, let us instead continue to bring them to light and raise awareness of the dangers which lie inside the human mind.


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TITLE:  Autumn Recovery

AUTHOR:  Stephanie Binding


Evelyn Padenski was a seventeen-year-old girl who lived in a small town.  She used drugs and alcohol to numb herself from the hard feelings she had felt for years, unaware that it was only making it worse.

Did she make it through her last year of high school unscathed? Did she finally silence her demons? Did she find love in a hopeless place?

Follow Evelyn’s trials and tribulations to see if she escaped from the broken town of Wheatmeadow, or if she fell further into her addictions and let the depression take her alive.

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TITLE:  Desolate

AUTHOR:  Stephanie Binding


Camilla Lopez, a once privileged sophomore in high school, finds herself lost and alone in an unfamiliar world. Faced with mountainous obstacles from violence to multiple losses that test her resilience to the extreme, she is left feeling overwhelmed and despondent. Surprisingly, Camilla begins to build unshakable bonds with unlikely people in unlikely places; people who lift her out of her sorrows to the heights of love she is destined to reach.

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FIND IT:  Amazon

You can follow Stephanie on Facebook, Goodreads, and Twitter!

I look forward to the read and sharing my thoughts with all of you!

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