A Desire to Start Anew

It has been a long time since I have felt the desire to read, let alone to write about that which I have read.  I have gone through a lot in the last year; some of this I have shared while some of it I have kept to myself.  I have slowly regained my desire to read and have since started to do so with a renewed fervor.  It feels good partaking in the many worlds found within the pages of a book and I feel as if I have returned to my normal state of being, well…what I consider to be my own form of normal at least.  I had started The Lord of the Rings novels much earlier in the year, in March to be specific, and I didn’t complete my read through of the series until close to the end of July.  I lost my desire to read somewhere along the line…all I can say is that it has returned, and now I feel much more at peace and more like myself than I have in a while.

So what does all of this mean for blogging?  I have come to think that I put too much pressure on myself when it came to running my blog.  While I absolutely love writing for “My Bibliophile Side,” I restricted my creativity and thought processes by implementing high standards through rigid scheduling.  While I do believe in the idea of having some type of schedule in place, I feel that I limited myself by doing so.  I felt as if any items published on my blog had to meet some sort of high standard of imagined criteria, as if each post had to have some type of merit and worthy of the harshest of critics.  That isn’t to say that I don’t want to author quality content/posts, but I was focused entirely on the critical thinking side of things and ignored some of the creative, fun, and whimsical items which the Tumblr community is famous for.  I need/want to implement both sides of the reading community, from the creative/fandom/fun/whimsical side to the more critical thinking oriented.  I feel that the best way for me to accomplish this goal is to run “My Bibliophile Side” in a somewhat dual manner.  My plan is to utilize the Tumblr blog portion for the more fun/whimsical posts and/or reposts found amongst others within the reading community and utilize my WordPress blog for all of my text based posts (my discussions, reviews, etc).  I think this will allow me to be more at ease in my posting, I will not feel as confined or restricted by some sort of rigid schedule or format in the sharing of my thoughts regarding what I have read.  I also feel that WordPress is much better suited for my longer text based posts, i.e. my discussions and reviews.

Again, what does all of this mean?  Schedule-wise, it means nothing.  I don’t plan to attempt to keep myself to some sort of strict schedule for my posting and am instead just going to write as the desire comes to me.  Specifically, that means I am not going to set a schedule for my discussion and review posts.  Basically, I am going to post content when I feel like doing so.  To give you a better idea, it could be at times such as the completion of a book or upon discovering/discussing something which I feel merits an entry.  It will be a much more laid back system, but that doesn’t mean I will be lax on the content of my posts.  As I have said previously, I value quality in my content.  I hope this is a system which will work and will allow me to flourish.

Best regards and I look forward to continuing to share my thoughts with you in the future.

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